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Sultan Asiri, Document Controller

Can you tell us about your journey to date and how you ended up working as a Document Controller at Dublin Aerospace?  


My journey in aviation started 20 years ago when I did my technical studies in the US. Visiting Boeing facilities in Seattle, WA and seeing assembly lines and airplane parts was mind-blowing. As I became a qualified aircraft mechanic who holds an airframe and powerplant (FAA) License, I have worked for airlines and MRO organisations in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. In 2011, I decided to study aviation management in Dublin City University (DCU). As I moved away from technical activities to the management field, where I gained new skills in planning, coordination, forecasting and dealing with day-to-day operations. Years later, my interest in understanding how organisations can strive and succeed led me to acquire a master's degree in strategic management where I had the opportunity to engage with a number of business leaders from various industries. I was able to apply my knowledge from the aviation maintenance environment to some college assignments. In fact, I did my thesis in examining applications of Lean and Six Sigma in MRO organisations. For this, I interviewed a technical representative and customer in Dublin Aerospace. A year later and right after completing my postgrad successfully, I applied for a Document Controlled position at Dublin Aerospace and started my role in Feb 2022.    


What does a typical working day look like for you? 


As a Document Controller, I start my day by collecting completed task cards from aircraft check offices, auditing and scanning them. In the meantime, I prepare required documents and agendas for daily meetings and assist check leaders and engineers with any queries raised throughout the aircraft maintenance checks. If there’s an aircraft leaving or coming to our hangar, such preparations are required to release the aircraft back to service. As for new checks and coming aircraft, we must have all preparation in advance for every project or check.

As the check of aircraft running, we, as document controllers, are the centre point for coordination and communication between our engineers and clients from airlines, leasing firms, CAMO engineers, etc. At Dublin Aerospace, we work as a team; and my core responsibility is to resolve any issue raised by clients or our engineers related to aircraft maintenance documentation.     


What is the most interesting part of your job?


The most interesting part of my job as a document controller/ “planner” is getting the opportunity to attend meetings with highly experienced people in the aircraft maintenance field and wider aviation industry. 


Working in this industry as an aircraft engineer and then as a planner has made me very passionate about serving and supporting my colleagues and MRO organisations. Helping others and resolving problems in a professional and respectful manner is the best way to go for this job.


What skills are required to do your job?  

  • Excellent communication and coordination skills

  • Paying attention to details

  • Well-Organizing

  • Teamwork

What is your favourite thing about working at Dublin Aerospace?


The People. Dublin Aerospace’s employees are so fun and so friendly. While learning new skills about my role as a document controller, not only have I met interesting and dedicated staff in the company, but also I have met clients from different airlines and leasing companies. We share stories, laugh and celebrate.


How would your teammates best describe you?

  • Neutral

  • Friendly 

  • Honest  

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?  What advice would you give to someone starting their career?


The best piece of advice I have ever received:  “Be yourself”.


My advice to someone starting a career is to continue investing in her/his education and training while gaining experience from the job and people. for anyone starting a career in aviation, safety is always first and never compromise safety, it’s our culture in aviation


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